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Yoga For Beginners: Learn Yoga Poses at Home to Lose Weight, Tone Your Body & Stay Fit

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Recently, there has been a lot of Yoga awakening in people all around the globe. We celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June and witnessed overwhelming response from millions of Yoga enthusiasts.

Indeed, Yoga has a lot to give us. I think everyone should start practicing Yoga and should also motivate their friends and family members to try it. Just by practicing a few hours of Yoga every week we can cure thousands of diseases and prevent hundreds of thousands of body ailments by strengthening our body’s immunity.

Benefits of Yoga

Yes, we have heard it has a lot of benefits but exactly what are those benefits? We cannot cover all the benefits of Yoga in a simple article but we can sure try to cover the major ones.

  • Weight Loss – Burn those extra calories, fat and get into shape.
  • Perfect posture and gain flexibility – The poses and Asana integrated with Yoga improves our body posture and flexibility.
  • Improved Bone Health
  • Relax your mind. Stress management.
  • Strengthen focus and mind power – Relaxed meditations and Prayanama improves our focus and mind power. Hence, increased productivity and performance.
  • Strong Immunity to fight off diseases and microbes.
  • Normalize your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Body healing
  • Improved quality of life. Longer life span.

Regular Yoga is good for your brain, lungs, liver, digestive system, heart, nervous system, bone & muscles health, pancreas, spinal cord, etc. You will see different positive changes in your life like increased happiness, better relationships, improved focus and performance and a positive vibe around yourself.

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How to Start Yoga for Beginners

Sure Yoga has a lot of benefits but it does not require costly courses or fancy instruments. It only needs your dedication and knowledge of Yoga poses. You can start doing Yoga at your home.

I am not a Pro in Yoga but I can call myself Intermediate. I started doing it about a few years ago and the benefits are so pleasing that now I cannot start my day without 40-minutes of daily Yoga. If you are a beginner in Yoga then take the first step forward by downloading this free Yoga app called DailyYoga. Even if you are intermediate or Pro in Yoga, the app still has a lot to offer.

Yes, this app is free to download and is highly efficient. Download the app for your device, select your level of expertise(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and start your Yoga journey. As simple as that.

Features of Daily Yoga Mobile App

Daily Yoga app can help you learn Yoga as a beginner and progress gradually towards being a Yoga Pro with the right guidance. Let us take a quick look at some of its attractive features:

1. Yoga classes for custom requirements

You can select the Yoga classes as per your needs and free time. If you want to lose weight then choose “Quick weight loss” Yoga class. If you want to get a toned body then select “Get Toned”. If you want to calm your mind and decrease stress then choose “Relieve stress”, etc.

Once you select a routine then Yoga lessons will be displayed according to your expertise.

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2. Interactive and User-Friendly Interface

The app’s interface is clean and elegant. You don’t have to be a tech geek to use this app. Anyone can easily use it.

The training methods are very effective. If you are a beginner then the app will introduce you to the Yoga fundamentals and basics for the first two weeks. There is step by step instructions to guide you through the whole practice.

Indulge in a hot Q & A sessions with the experts and track progress. Track the calorie burnt and total workout time.

3. More than 100 Yoga and meditation classes

Daily Yoga has more than 100 Yoga and meditation classes. From beginner to expert, learn everything about Yoga. You will see pose details for each Yoga pose coupled with step by step video tutorial about how to do it right.

4. Elaborate Steps & Poses from Yoga Experts

After a brief description of Yoga poses, there is a short video tutorial where an expert will show you all the steps and the right way to do them. You can also download these video tutorials for offline access.

yoga poses

5. Global Community to Stay Motivated

All the users of Daily Yoga app are connected inside the app. You can share your progress, ideas and get inspired.

Get updates from other Yogi friends and experts. Join their weekly activities to add more fun to Yoga learning and practice.



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