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Top Hidden Cameras to Buy In This Year

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8. Littleadd Hidden Camera Clock

There have been massive advancements in home security systems and spyware. In the market today there exists state of the art hidden cameras with superb features that would have been in the past dismissed as impossible. What this means is that you can now monitor your children, workers or guests without ever raising an eyebrow. Read on to find out the most discreet and most effective hidden cameras you can buy in 2018.

A high definition camera is hidden inside a stylish digital clock. You can stream footage straight to your mobile phone through a Wi-Fi connection. The included motion detectors will notify you when someone is in the room.

Security of your property and safety of your family should be of prime importance. The list of hidden cameras above should help you make a sound purchasing decision.

7. Antaivision G-201L Fisheye Lens 360 Wireless Camera

This is the best model for 360-degree surveillance of your home or property. This camera system allows you to set up motion detection alerts to your mobile device, so you can be aware of what is happening even when you are away. The advantage of this model of hidden camera is that it enables two-way audio transmission. You can speak to whoever is home from your remote location.

6. Eye club Hidden Spy Camera Alarm Clock

This beautifully designed alarm clock can fit on your desk table or the bedside. The fact the alarm clock is small adds to the discreteness of the camera hidden inside. The camera system can connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and an App. With the motion detection feature, you can get notification of a break-in instantly on your phone.

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5. AES ACRHD 720P Hidden Camera Clock Radio

AES ACRHD is a world-reputable brand – Philips spy-clock. It is hard to tell that inside the sleek looking alarm clock lies a powerful 720P HD camera complete with motion detection. The camera comes with a 16 GB micro SD to allow for recording and storage of footage for many days before you find time to go through the footage.

AES ACRHD 720P Hidden Camera Clock Radio

4. Defender ST300-SD

This is another advanced hidden camera disguised as an alarm clock. The powerful camera inside can capture and record footage with an increased depth of field. The video captured is high resolution (640 x 480).

3. LIZVIE HD Wireless Spy Clock Camera

It comes with full night vision features and motion detection. Tucked deep inside the music system, no eye would be able to decipher the presence of a camera anywhere in the room. Just like any other hidden camera alarm clock pro, LIZVIE includes an alarm clock besides Bluetooth wireless speakers, FM radio, and video record.

2. CAMXSW HD 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Alarm Clock FM Radio Speaker

Features of the CAMXSW HD include motion detection and night vision. In the form of a radio speaker, it’s easy to spy with this camera without ever being found out. Its discreteness is next level; the camera is hidden inside a music speaker with a non-betraying lustrous black design. Beyond live streaming abilities, you can use it to record footage, thanks to the included Micro SD card slot.

1. Votecom Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock

Buyers have rated the Votecom Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock as one of the best-hidden cameras of 2018. What makes this model stand out is the motion detection feature and WI-FI connectivity. No matter where you are, you will be aware of what is happening at home or at work through your computer or mobile device.

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Votecom Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock





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