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Top 8 Amazing Purple Hair Colour Tips And Tricks

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Top 10 Amazing Purple Hair Colour Tips And Tricks

As one among the fashion hues that can ridiculously flatter all skin tones, purple hair hues are modern, gorgeous and effortless to achieve than many women think. This standard list of purple hair colour shades gives you some of the best purple hues for 2019 — happy colouring.

It is essential to note that purple hair colour is for the bold and brave ladies looking for something new to make a statement. It reveals bold personality, and it is the kind of hair colour that makes you more significant by drawing attention to you. It is a sure way to steal the show.

1. Purple With Yellow and Pink Highlights

There is no super combo like the blend of purple and yellow with a pink highlight. This look appears great on cooler skin undertones. However, the look can be rocked by anyone. All you need is great confidence.

Purple With Yellow and Pink Highlights

2. Metallic & Purple

This is an ideal look for spring! The purple hair colour blends well with the metallic and looks stylish, sassy and fun. The most preferred thing about this style is the harmonious existence of the colours. It exudes both edginess and softness.

Metallic & Purple

3. Ribbons Of Velvet, Jem, Powder, Blush

This look is elegant gem-toned purple. We like how the textured style highlights different ribbons of velvet throughout the hair. The purple is utilised on the deeper side so that the tresses do not look so light as if you needed a pale purple. However, we recommend this colour for women who don’t get involved so much on manual work. It will need regular maintenance at home and also salon visits now and then.

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Ribbons Of Velvet, Jem, Powder, Blush

4. Dusty Lilac

This hue melts from smoky velvet into this dusty lilac creating a sleek approach to stylish colours. The style shows how wearable and classic fantasy some colours can be.

Related image

This hairstyle is for bold, spirited, daring women. However, it is a very versatile hue, and you can tailor it in different ways depending on the occasion you are attending.

5. Unicorn White Purple

This is a cotton candy hairstyle and unicorn dreams! The colours blend into to each other so seamlessly. The most preferred thing about this hairstyle is the dimension and how the colours are made to pop by the enhanced curls. End of the matter-we love it!

Related image

If you are ready to invest and have patience, you can consider this purple hairstyle. Besides, should also commit to utilising quality products for the hair at home.

6. Neon Purple Hair

This neon purple balayage hair features blonde ends. The style stunningly transitions from beautiful blonde to purple. This colour on all skin tones and hair types. It is suitable for ladies who like fun hues and are ready to commit to serious maintenance.

Related image

7. Black to Purple Melt

This is a little purple hair fade. It is a composition of varying colours of purple melting into smooth ones for fullness and fun look. This look exudes great colouring technique, but it is still sleek and very fashionable.

Related image

It is an ideal hairstyle for anyone who is looking to experiment with something new. It is sleek, yet very colourful. It offers great take off the ground base for women who need to cross to the other side of bright colours. Regardless of your skin colour, you can wear this colour comfortably; you only need to be confident and have the right attitude.

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8. Amethyst Mermaid Waves

A representation of a typically layered bob and the gorgeous colour is this mermaid look with vibrant hues. The style is preferred because it is fun, classic and youthful. The beachy curls accentuate the combination of the purple hair amethysts.

Related image

This layered bob appears great on women of all ages. The beauty of layered bobs is that they don’t have age boundaries. You can opt to wear this bob formal if you are attending formal events or simply leave it straight.

The mermaid hue is very chic, edgy and fashionable yet easy to achieve.

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