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Top 5 Apps Will Help You Write a Book

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Top 5 Apps Will Help You Write a Book

Luckily, this is the age of technology and digital marketing and there’s an app for everything including writing. If you have harbored a dream of writing a novel for long, it is now possible to make it a reality. There are highly rated apps that help you plan, organize ideas, find a paperwriter to help with research and editing, proofreading apps, time management apps, among many others. This article highlights the best book writing apps you should consider using.

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Writing a book is the dream of many people.  Whether you love writing or you only want to put your story out there, writing a novel is an accomplishment many would live to achieve in life. It is not an easy one and that’s why millions of books remain ideas in their writers’ minds.  One of the main reasons most would be novelists dither is lack of time and writing skills.

1. The Brainstormer

This is an iOS app which comes in handy to solve one of the biggest problems any aspiring writer will experience; writers’ block. Even the best writers sometimes can’t seem to get hold of that idea that will make their book.

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With this app, it is now possible to combat creative blocks by generating new ideas and sampling subjects available to develop what you already have in mind. If you want to get a quick prompt, this is the app to help you out. It precipitates the flow of your creative juices and your brain starts whirling once again with ideas.

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2. Hemingway

If you love reading and writing, Hemingway is not a new name to you; Hemingway was one of the most popular if controversial writers of his time but his influence remains. The app aptly named after this great writer helps analyze texts and highlight common mistakes.

When writing, it is not possible to produce a perfect work and you need this editing work to eliminate any slip ups even before handing the work to your editor.  You will get alerts about difficult to read sentences and unclear phrases. The idea is to make your work readable and attractive.


3. Scrivener

This is the best app for anyone with a large writing project be it a novel or research paper. Scrivener helps you plan your work and ensures everything you do remains intact. You can dip into your book any time and leave when you can’t continue.

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You can come back to the same point or move elsewhere within your book and your work will continue growing. If you have an idea for a different chapter, you don’t have to wait until you have material for the current section. Scrivener allows you to move freely within your work and develop it at your own pace.  With its mobile app, you can now work on your tablet on the go whenever an idea comes to mind.

4. Evernote

Evernote is the ultimate writing app and any serious writer must download it to get invaluable help with collecting ideas, organizing your novel materials, planning and writing. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. This app works with all content and you can add audio clips, websites, pictures and anything else you need for your novel. You can access the app from anywhere and with a search tool available, it is easy to get all your materials.

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5. Google Docs

Google Docs is a simple version of Word but its advantage is that you can use it online. It is an effective writing tool if you want to save your work on the cloud, share content and files with other people. In case you delete a section by accident, it is easy to get it from the saved history.  You don’t have to save your documents manually and it is easy to access your novel from anywhere in the world.

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These are just a few of the great book writing apps that you need to start using. You can also use these apps to find for sale papers for your research project or novel. Ultimately, these apps make your work easier and you will find it more enjoyable to continue with your novel.

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