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Top 4 Ways in Which Minecraft Can Teach Students to Write College Papers

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Minecraft is what is known as a sandbox game, where players can choose from various different worlds which allow them to build and explore to their hearts content. The Minecraft aesthetic is a distinctive one, with characters, landscapes, and building materials all being the same cubes.

Game activities include exploring, mining, building, farming, crafting, and combat, but there are many more ways to play the game. Minecraft can be played individually, or in a group – it depends on what people want. Since Minecraft gives players a nearly unlimited world with which to explore and create, more and more people are seeing the teaching potential which is inherent in the game. More and more people are adjusting their teaching and classroom work to share this with their students.

Enhance Creativity

When it comes to how to write college papers, one of the most important things to remember is that creativity is very important – it makes you stand out from the crowd by showing people how you can think outside the box.


Minecraft is useful for teaching creativity since it is, at its heart, a creative game. Whether it is by building, taming animals, mining, or creating weapons for combat, the game encourages people to make things, and build things. The skills they learn in Minecraft are hugely transferable when it comes to writing college paper and the like.

Research Process

Minecraft is a huge world, and people are encouraged to explore it through and through, all manners of the word. There are different terrains, different animals, and even people if you are playing on a multi-player setting. The exploration and the learning which can be done through exploration is huge.

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This can be useful for doing research. Someone who has learned how to properly look for things in Minecraft, and find them, will be able to transfer those skills over to research. Doing research well entails being able to pick relevant details out of sometimes huge amounts of information, and then being able to insert those details into an ongoing narrative which you are creating while writing a college paper.

Writers at EssayZoo have said that the research aspect is something which can be helped a lot by using Minecraft to hone your skills because knowing what to look for in the huge world of Minecraft is something which is insanely helpful for people doing research.

Looking for Different Solutions

This is a huge one; this and problem-solving are probably two of the most problematic aspects of the writing process, as they aren’t skills that can be taught, but they are both so important. Minecraft is something which encourages the creativity which is lacking in other situations, and which ultimately lead to proficiency in looking for different solutions.

finding solutions

Minecraft is an environment which is unlike other games in that it does not give the player any clues as to how to approach it. While they can choose a few things based on what kind of gameplay they are in, the majority of the game has them on their own, needing to figure things out. This goes double for people who are in different environments – Minecraft has a number of different terrains, all of which have to be handled differently. Being able to adapt is one of the things it teaches.

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Being able to adapt is something which is extremely important for how to write college papers since things don’t always go to plan. Whether that plan is disrupted by a lack of research materials, a lack of formatting, or simply a lack of time, people need to be able to adapt to new circumstances and work with them.

Finding Sources

Finding sources is something which every college paper needs, and sometimes that can be very difficult, if the research subject is one which is quite unique, or if the paper is due in soon and there no time for proper research.

Since Minecraft encourages people to explore and find new things and people, it is the perfect game with which to teach students how to find sources. As was already discussed above, Minecraft is a game which does not hold the hand of its players; they have to figure things out for themselves. If they want to craft, they have to find the materials for it, if they want to farm, they have to find the animals for it, and so on.

Learning how to do this makes finding sources easier, as the skills are already in place.

Wrapping it up

Minecraft as a game is something which has surprising uses when it comes to education. Of course, people could always buy college papers, and they possibly already do. But Minecraft has the potential to show people how to do the work themselves, in all the ways that that involves. Creativity and problem-solving are two of the issues which teachers are finding Minecraft useful for teaching, as the way the game is set up encourages people to take the lead in ways they otherwise wouldn’t.



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