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Before the new technologies and the internet were born, the impact it would have on the games sector was unthinkable. Nowadays the video game industry is one of the biggest there is, and it keeps growing year after year, generating millions in revenues. That’s why today the majority of the games we find are digital.

Even so, if we look back in time, we can still remember which games we use to play all the time with friends and family. Boardgames as popular as ludo, bingo, domino, the game of the goose; or even card games like UNO.

Many people would think that these games have been lost in the oblivion because of the development of video games and new game modes, but they are wrong. Some of these classic multiplayer games have adapted and evolved with the digital era and still have many all time fans.

Here we present to you 3 of these classic games which adapted to the digital era:


We have played this game on many occasions. It’s played in a group of four people, each one has 4 chips available of the same color and the match begins in a zone of the board called ‘’home’’. The game consists of getting all your chips from the starting point all the way to the end before everyone does, with the danger getting your chips killed on the way.


The problem with this game is finding enough players to play a match, though it could also be played with 2 or 3 people it is much more fun with 4.

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Thanks to the development of this game in a digital format, this is no longer an issue. Now is as easy as to access the platform offered by this game, accessing one of the available rooms and begin playing. There are always active players, so there is always the chance to play Ludo, wherever you are.


How many generations has this game brought together. Domino is considered one of the oldest games; the first references to this games date to thousands of years ago in China.

Domino is usually played one vs one, although it can also be played in pairs. Each player starts with 7 chips (rectangular chips divides into two squares, each one containing a number between 0 and 6), which you have to place following some of the chips already placed on the table.

Domino is still very popular, and that’s why its adaption into digital format has had a lot of success.



This is possibly the most successful classic game adapted to digital format. In fact, a big industry has developed around online bingo. The millions that this game has generated has done that the majority of the countries regulate the game with strict laws for the platforms that offer the bingo game, as well as other typical casino games.

Even so, bingo game has also been developed in a free to play format, so it’s not really necessary to spend money to play.

As you can see, these classic games have known how to adapt to the new era and the new players really well, and so whenever we wish to play a match to remember old times, we can easily do so.



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