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South Korean Famous Foods List You Have To Try This

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South Korean Famous Foods List You Have To Try This

South Korea Foods has traditionally been seen as a part of popular culture in Korea. Historically, street food mainly included foods such as EomukBungeo-ppang and Tteok-bokki. Street food has been sold through many types of retail outlet, with new ones being developed over time. Recently, street food has seen a popular resurgence in South Korea, such as at the Night Market at Hangang Park, which is called “Bamdokkaebi Night Market

There are many kinds of traditional street food in South Korea. For example, glutinous rice cake  with buckwheat jelly, Bbopgi, which is a candy made from baking soda and sugar, a fish shaped bun with bean jam called Bungeo-ppang, roasted sweet potato, and Chinese pancakes with brown sugar filling . The traditional street foods are most common in the winter season; in the summer season ice cream is more popular, We are listed below some famous Foods in South Korea


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Kimchi is a spicy Korean side dish created from salted, fermented vegetables, usually cabbage and radishes. It gets its unique kick from a paste made of chili powder, garlic, ginger, red pepper and sugar and its recognizable tang from fish sauce. While you’re probably familiar with the most common version, paechu kimchi, made with napa cabbage, there are actually over 100 different varieties of this classic dish, ranging from kkakdugi (cubed radish), to oi sobagi (cucumber) and gat (mustard leaf).


Bibim means “mixed” and bap means “rice”. Basically, it’s a one-bowl wonder of steamed rice, sautéed vegetables and a fried egg, all mixed up together. In the Korean household, it’s a traditional way of using up day-old rice and leftovers, so if you’re lucky there might be a bit of barbecued beef or tofu thrown in too. It’s served cold in the summer, hot in the winter, but always with a side serving of gochujang – a thick, shiny, deep red chilli paste – to add perkiness.

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Bulgogi is one of Korea’s most popular beef dishes that is made from thinly sliced sirloin or another prime cut of beef (rib eye). It is usually marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, black pepper, garlic, onions, ginger, and sugar for two to four hours to enhance the flavor and its tenderization. Bulgogi is traditionally grilled but broiling or pan-cooking is common as well. Whole cloves of garlic, sliced onions, and chopped green peppers are often grilled or cooked at the same time

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Tteokbokki is one of Korea’s popular snacks that are loved by teenagers as well as adults. It is made from garaetteok, a chewy long cylindrical rice pasta (or “rice cake”) that is cut into many pieces and cooked with various ingredients. It is a stir-fry dish which is cooked with gochujang (red chili pepper paste) along with garaetteok, seasoned beef, fish cakes and assorted vegetables such as green onions, carrots and onions.In Korea, this snack is commonly purchased from street vendors.

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Japchae is a stir-fried dish that combines sweet vermicelli noodles made from the starch of a white sweet potato, thinly slices of beef, and various vegetables. It is usually prepared with carrots, green onion, spinach, shiitake mushrooms and green peppers. Beef may be added as an option but may be left out to be served as a vegetarian dish. The noodles are gray when raw and turn almost translucent when cooked (thus given its popular nickname, glass noodles).

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When cooked correctly, they retain a chewy texture.Japchae is often served at Korean parties and during special occasions as the main dish or as a side dish. It can be added to a bed of rice and mixed together to make japchaebop, bop meaning rice.

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Samgyupsal is another popular Korean meat dish that are enjoyed at home or at Korean resaturants that specializes in meat dishes. It consists of thick pork strips, served in the same fashion as galbi but there is no marinating involved. It is usually cooked on a grill with pa muchim, kimchi, mushrooms, garlic, onions and consumed altogether.

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This dish is usually served with a side of lettuce, spinach, or other leafy vegetable(s), which is used to wrap a slice of cooked samgyupsal. A dab of ssamjang (usually made of gochujang or dwenjang), kimchi, or other side dishes are also added and then eaten as a whole.

Hobakjuk (pumpkin porridge)

Hobakjuk (Korean Pumpkin Porridge) is considered a great healing food among Koreans. In addition to Miyeok Guk (Korena Kelp Soup), Hobakjuk is another one of Korean mothers’ favorite soup to make for their daughters after having a baby.Hobakjuk is very popular in Korea in the late fall and winter. It is a popular snack / dessert, but some people even eat it for breakfast too. It’s sweet, nutty and velvety.

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  1. Haemul Pajeon (seafood vegetable pancake)


Pajeon is a Korean savory pancake made with scallions. Pa means scallion, and jeon means pan-fried battered food. A popular variation of pajeon is haemul pajeon, which is made with seafood. Pajeon is one of Koreans’ all-time favorite snacks or appetizers to share when gathered around the table with friends and family.

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Usually, a combination of seafood, such as squid, shrimp, mussels, oysters and clams, is used.Pajeon is usually recognizable by the highly visible scallions. It is similar to a Chinese scallion pancake in appearance but is less dense in texture and not made from a dough

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