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SoundCloud Awesome Tips to Gain Followers

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It’s all about followers, isn’t it? Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even SoundCloud, everyone everywhere is craving for more followers. That is the core reason why people create an account in the first place, don’t they? Let’s take a look at some ways of increasing followers on SoundCloud.

Word of mouth

What’s a SoundCloud account without followers? If you had to make your own playlist just for yourself, you could have made it on your phone itself. The very fact that you are in SoundCloud is reason enough to start seeking help to gain followers. To begin with, pass the word to your friends who love music. Share your profile and username with them and lure them into creating an account in case they don’t have one yet.


Choose a good username

Choosing an attractive yet simple username can go a long way to gain followers. Make sure you keep it easy and simple, as complex ones will only confuse the users and might be hard to comprehend. Preferably, keep it related to music or simply your name for your friends to find you easily. Sync your SoundCloud account to your Facebook account.

Do occasional reposts    

This is a very simple yet useful trick that helps in gaining the attention of followers. Not always will you have time to upload a new song or playlist. Instead, you can like an existing track or number of songs in an album and keep reposting a song at a time. This will appear on your home feed and your followers will know that you are constantly updating your playlist. Tweak this a little and add a fun twist by remixing some popular songs and then posting them to your account.

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Comment on other’s playlists

Commenting on other’s playlists and tracks gives scope for reciprocation. This is a healthy yet slow way of engaging followers and gradually increasing the number of users who follow you. Besides this, there are other ways where you can buy followers on SoundCloud, but you might not get any engagement from them, although the follower count will increase drastically.

Regular posts and updates

For any account to be truly successful, consistency of updating and posting snippets is the key. In the case of SoundCloud, regular song posts are a must. Create different playlists based on the mood, genre of your choice and theme of songs so that it is easy to categorize and follow them by other users. If you regularly post new tracks as well as record and upload your own, you are sure to gain followers regularly.  Try and tag followers and other users for increasing visibility and bringing them to your page.

These top five ways can help in gaining SoundCloud followers easily. However, consistency of updates and posts is the key. It is important to keep at it, and not lose hope if it goes a little slow in the beginning. Build a strong music base and network as much as possible.



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