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How To Remotely Access Your Phone with Airdroid – Airdroid Review

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Want to transfer data from or to your Android? Need to record your Android’s screen? Need a tool to access your phone’s data remotely? If so, then you are at the right place.

Transferring data from our smartphones to the PC is a pretty common thing nowadays. As the best way to keep your phone’s data safe is to transfer and store it to the PC. The most common method to do the same we all know is via USB cable. We can easily connect our phone to the PC via USB cable and access all of its data. But that is only limited to transfer data and we can’t control our Android just form the PC with the help of USB cable. Any way we can remote control our phone through the web?


Yup, there is a tool which can help us to remotely access our Phone from PC. So, I tried one of the best such tools named Airdroid. Airdroid is an exclusive Android application which helps you to access your Android phone or tablet remotely. You can send and receive messages from your PC, transfer data between the connected devices, record phone screen, manage applications and many other things. This article contains Airdroid review and how to use it for remote access.

Features Of Airdroid

Airdroid app is designed to access your Android phone or tablet remotely and it does its job perfectly. You want to transfer data to/from your Android phone or want to manage your applications of Android phone on your desktop, want to locate your lost phone etc, Airdroid is here. It can perform all these functions and the good thing is that you don’t have to search for your USB cable to transfer data. Simply connect your device to the desktop via Airdroid and there you go.

Let’s discuss some of the major features of Airdroid before we jump to know how does Airdroid work.

Send SMS From Your Desktop

Now get a faster and comfortable typing messages with the help of Airdroid. When you connect your Android phone to your PC via Airdroid then you can send and receive messages directly from the desktop. Means, you would be able to type 2X faster. You can also delete any msg just from the desktop and the changes will affect on your Android phone immediately.

Locate your lost phone

Now that’s something very helpful. If you ever lose your phone accidentally then Airdroid will help you to find it. It will provide you the location of your phone. If not, then you can also erase all your data of the phone directly from your PC. This is really important. Even if we cannot get the lost phone back it’s important that our personal data does not get into wrong hands.

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If your phone gets lost in your home and you can’t find it then you can simply use Airdroid to give a ring to the phone so that you can easily find it.

Manage Your Applications

Manage all the applications installed on your Android phone directly from your PC. Simply access your Android or tablet remotely from your desktop via Airdroid web and then manage the applications. It allows you to uninstall apps, download the application from Android to the other device to which it is connected, transfer apps from the connected device to our Android and vice versa.

Transfer Data

Now forget all those cable things to transfer data between your device to the other as you can do it remotely via the Airdroid application. You can get files from the other device or download your file and media such as photos, videos, music, documents etc. to the other connected device.

Notification Mirror

Well, you don’t have to keep your phone with you every time. You can get all its notifications on your desktop using Airdroid web. Simply connect your phone to the desktop via Airdroid and turn on the Notification mirror feature. And then, whenever you receive any notification over your phone, then it will also show up on the desktop.

Record Phone screen

Want to record your Android’s screen to make some tutorial or for other purposes? If so, then you don’t have to download any screen recorder or other application as this can be done by using Airdroid. With the help of Screen recording feature of Airdroid, you can easily record your phone’s screen with one tap.

How to use your Airdroid to Control your Phone Remotely

Above were some of the best features of Airdroid. Now, it’s time to know how to use your Android remotely via Airdroid. Well, it’s pretty simple procedure. Below is the steps-by-step guide to using Airdroid. Let’s have a look.

I. Download Airdroid On Your Device

First of all, you need to download Airdroid on your Android phone. Simply, go to the app store, type Airdroid and install the application. The download links are also given at the end of this page. When you successfully install Airdroid on your phone then proceed to the next step.

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II. Create An Airdroid Account

Now, create an Airdroid account for you. It’s not necessary to create Airdroid account but it would be quite helpful in future and later in this article, you will get to know how Airdroid account would help you. You don’t need to fill much but your email ID and a password. Also, it will create a nickname for your Airdroid account.


III. Connect Devices Via Airdroid

It is the main step for this guide. Connecting your Android via Airdroid to other device is really easy. There are two ways to do the same. First, open the Airdroid application on your phone and click on QRcode scanner icon available at the top left corner as shown in the below image.

Visit the Airdroid web site, here. There, you will see a QR Code, so scan the QR code from the QR code scanner of Airdroid which you opened and scan the code. That’s all you need to do. Your devices would get connected immediately.


The second way to access your phone remotely is by using your Airdroid account. Simply open the website and fill in your email id and password and then hit the enter key. The devices will get connected. Connecting devices via Airdroid account comes handy when you don’t have your phone with you or when it has been lost as this way doesn’t require scanning any QR code with your phone.


IV. Access All Your Android’s Data

Now that the devices are connected you can access all the data of your Android phone from your computer. On the website of Airdroid where you just logged in, you will see some icons namely messages, ringtone, call logs, files, apps, find Phone, videos, ringtone and so on.


So, if you want to send messages, simply click on the Messages icon and it will display the whole messages your phones contain. You can read the messages or send directly from the PC or delete.


For transferring files to your phone from the desktop, Airdroid toolbox will help you. On the homepage of the Airdroid web on your browser, you will see a floating light colored box with title Toolbox. The toolbox contains options viz. Files, URL, Clipboard, and app.

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To transfer files from PC to your Android, first, click on the File option of Toolbox and then drag and drop all the file you want to transfer to the box as shown in the image below. You can also change the folder to which you want to store the files.


Change the folder to which you want to store the file you want to transfer from the Upload to control.

If you want to download the Phone’s files to the computer then click on Files icon on the Airdroid web, select the folder you want to download and click the download button as shown below.


If you want to find your phone then the first thing you would need to do is to enable Find Phone feature of the Airdroid app on our Android phone. So, open the app Airdroid on your phone, click on Tools and then enable Find Phone feature. Now come back to Airdroid web on your PC and click Find Phone. It will locate your phone. You can also ring the phone or erase all the data from your phone if you lost it.


For managing apps on your Android directly from your PC, click on Apps tool and it will display all the apps installed on your phone. You can also download apps to your computer from the installed apps or install more apps to your Android phone.


There are some other tools too like taking screenshots of your phone from your PC, recording phone screen and so on that you can do with the help of Airdroid.


  • Free Version
  • Paid Versions

Download Airdroid for your device

Wrap Up

No doubt that Airdroid offers you the best way to transfer files from or to your Android phone with ease. You don’t need any data cable or anything else, simply connect your device via Airdroid by signing in or through QR code and there you go. The free version of the app provides you everything you need but the paid version offers some more features like unlimited files transfer, folder transfer, large files and so on. So, for getting these features you can buy the paid version which is quite affordable although I think the free version is enough for normal usage.



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