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Why Korean Dramas Are So Much Addictive And Popular In Worldwide

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Why Korean Dramas Are So Much Addictive And Popular In Worldwide

Korean dramas are popular worldwide, partially due to the spread of Korean popular culture and are available through streaming services that offer multiple language subtitles. They have received adaptations throughout the world, and have had an impact on other countries.

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K-drama may be one of the most dangerous addictions that a person can form in a lifetime. It starts innocently enough. You curiously sit down for an episode, which somehow turns into two or three. The Internet becomes your friend as you get to know the characters and the actors. And then… it all spirals out of control

The global entertainment scene, you can realize that there are very few countries who have been able to make an impact other than the developed countries. One of these countries will be South Korea, which has been continuously gaining traction with all its Korean dramas in the world.

Some of the most famous dramas have been broadcast via traditional television channels; for example, Dae Jang Geum (2003) was sold to 91 countries.

In fact, anyone who is a K-drama fan would probably agree the problems or situations that are usually presented in Korean dramas are related to the real life today. When the viewers are able to relate with such problems or situations themselves, that personal moment becomes a pivot that they might see their own reflections of themselves

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Korean dramas are mostly, if not always, created in such a way that the audiences are able to relate to, and most likely to find the solutions to similar problems or situations in their own personal life. Hence, it becomes the addictive factor. However, unlike harmful addictions, this type of addiction is positive, or most would call it as self-realization.

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Korean dramas do not usually repeat the same kind of setting over and over again. It is much more than just a family drama. Unlike television dramas in other countries, Today  Korean drama production companies continue to explore unique concepts after concepts, genres after genres. The popular ones will be fantasy, historical, rom-coms, fantasy, time-travel, and the most current one – science fiction, apparent in the latest TVN drama Circle.

You begin with your first taste, perhaps an episode of “Boys over Flowers,” “Playful Kiss,” or “Coffee Prince.”

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K-Drama actors and actresses are, without a doubt, ridiculously attractive. Guys like Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong , Yoo Seung Ho, and more have become our self-proclaimed oppas. Not to mention that we get major beauty and/or fashion goals from beautiful actresses like Park Shin Hye and Park Min-young . Let’s face it: We all look forward to steamy, brooding shower scenes from boys and princess-y makeover scenes from girls

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After all the research you’ve gathered, you start to become an Internet expert. Even if you don’t know Korean, you somehow figure out how to search Korean sites like Daum, Naver, Yonhap News, and more, for the juicy morsels you need in order to sustain your life. If you’re seriously hardcore, you’ve learned hangeul and installed a Korean keyboard on your computer for speedier research.

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Some of the words in Korean language        

English Transliteration
1.  I love you Saranghaeyo
2.  I miss you Bogoshipeoyo
3.  Thank you Kamsahamnida
4.  Sorry Mianhaeyo
5.   Bye Annyeong
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And many English words are used as it is with a different flavour to it like

Hand phone : handa pone

Taxi: taxshi

As of now K-drama is a worldwide form of onscreen entertainment, which means that much of its audience is not Korean, nor do they speak Korean. For those of us who aren’t Korean, Korean drama has opened up an entire culture and history to us that is beautiful and exciting. We go out to try Korean food, learn to make kimchi jeon (kimchi pancakes) at home, learn basic Korean, and delve into its annals of history

When you finish the whole drama and stare off into space contemplating the whole series, and how much it made you happy and sad all the same time. That’s when you start to realize you don’t have any idea what to watch next because you were taken on a roller coaster of emotions. SERIOUSLY. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?

Welcome to the world of K-drama Addiction

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