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Internet Tips Will Change Your Surfing Habits Forever

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The average American spends two and a half hours of every day online. That is more than twice as much time as is spent eating and five times as much as is spent behind the wheel of a car. In fact, when you take weekends into account, Americans spend almost as much time surfing the net as they do working.

For an activity that takes up so much of our lives, it is amazing how little we know about the web browser that we are looking at right now. Here are our five favorite tips to get the very most out of your browsing experience.

internet surfing

1) Take a gamble on different browsers

Some operating systems are keen to direct you to a specific browser, but it is a better bet to try out several and choose the one with which you are most comfortable. If you are a keen gamer, you might find that some games perform better on one browser than another. A quick run through the different casino sites at www.uk-casinos.ukshows different games that use different add ons and players – try out Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox and just see the difference that switching browser can make.

2) Learn your shortcuts

If you are familiar with ctrl-c for copy, ctrl-v for paste and so on, you will know how quickly they become second nature and the time they save compared with rooting around in menus every time you want to perform a basic task. But did you know there are a similar set of web browser shortcuts? These might just change your life forever –you’re welcome!

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3) Search smarter

There is plenty of talk about how search engines are getting smarter at understanding what we want, but at the end of the day, they are still just lines of computer code. By searching smarter we get better results. If your favorite search engine is struggling to understand what you want, try putting the exact phrase you want to search for in quotation marks, and you will get far more granular results.

searching on google

4) Just type the webpage

If you are navigating to a page directly from the address bar, there is no need to type “http” or “www” – in fact, if it ends in .com, you can even leave that out and simply hit ctrl-enter instead. Give it a try now by typing techgydinto the address bar then pressing ctrl-enter and see what happens!

5) Use your tabs

Tabbed browsing – like those shortcuts earlier, it is one of those things that people suddenly discover, then they wonder how on earth they managed without it. If you like to dart from one page to another, or perhaps you need to constantly refer to something, whether it is a news page, your email or the latest sports scores, simply open up a new tab. You can open a link in a new tab by holding down the CTRL key while you click on it.



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