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Interesting 7 Things You Can Do With Google Groups

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Google has provided many useful things. We can’t imagine using the internet without Google. Whether it is for searching something, creating an email account, watching videos on YouTube, uploading and sharing your own videos etc. We all use Google’s services for daily needs.

But there is something very beneficial which Google has provided is Google Groups. This Google service is being used by millions of people. Google Groups allow you to throw a topic to discuss it with the other group members. You can get a lot of help from Google Groups for getting information about some topic or getting solution for a particular problem. You might already know how to create a Google group and how to add members to Google groups. There is much more to know about Google Groups. So, this whole article is dedicated to Google Groups and what are the other things we can do in Google groups other than interacting with group members. Let’s explore the article.

There is much more to know about Google Groups. So, this whole article is dedicated to Google Groups and what are the other things we can do in Google groups other than interacting with group members. Let’s explore the article.

What Is Google Groups?

Google Groups is a service provided by Google as a mean of communication between the people who share same interest. Google Groups enables you to create your own group or participate in others group to discuss things or getting information or solution for your questions. Through Google Groups, people can share their thoughts, answers, solutions, views, documents, etc. with their group members.

Google Groups

There are three kinds of Google Groups available viz. Open, private, Restricted. In an open Google group, anyone can see the threads and participate in the group but you can enter the Private or restricted Google Groups where only the members can see the threads and reply to them.

Google has divided Google Groups into four categories which are as follows.

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I. Email List

You can create an Email list of people with the help of Email list Google Group. It helps to communicate and announce something to the group members with ease. With one email address, you can inform the entire group members about something through emails.

II. Web Forum

Web forums are used for discussing something over the Google Group. It is the best way to discuss something with your group members. Create a topic in the Google Group and then everyone in the group can reply regarding that topic.

III. Q&A Forum

Q&A forum is very much similar to Web forum but in this kind of Google groups the discussion is around a specific question.

IV. Collaborative Inbox

Collaborative inbox is kind of a chat room where anyone can send messages and participate in the thread.

How To Create Google Groups

Creating Google Groups is a very easy task. It takes only a few steps to do the same. If you also want to create your own Google group then consider the below steps.

  1. To create a Google Group, sign in to your Google account. After that click on the Google App icon as shown in the image below and then click More to view all the google services.
    Google Groups
  2. Now, find Google Group option and click on it to start creating your own Google Group.
    Google Groups
  3. It will redirect you to a new page, there you will see a red colored button named Create Group as shown in the image below.
    Google Groups
  4. Now specify some information about your Google group to finish creating it.
    Google Groups
  5. After that, your group will be created successfully. You can add people to the group, add a new topic or anything else you want to do.
    Google Groups

7 Interesting Things You Can Do With Google Groups

1. Create Q/A forum for your company

Q/A type is one of the types of Google groups and is very useful for organizations. You can discuss a question with the entire organization with the help of Google Groups. It is far better than that of asking questions face or face or emails where you can only ask a question with few members at a time. Here, in Google group, you can simply ask a question to the entire organization which will bring up the correct answer or solution.

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For instance, your company wants to add something to its product to make it more attractive and beneficial to increase the number of sales. So, you can put that question in the Q/A forum of your Google Group where you can add the members to that group and discuss the answers.

2. Environment to for students to increase their debating skills

Another great way to use Google group is for the students. If you are a teacher then you can create a Google group for your students and throw a topic for debate where all your students can participate and put their opinions and views regarding that topic. It is the best idea as you and the students can debate on that particular topic at home. It will increase their debating skills and they will learn to put their opinions in the best way.

3. To announce the meetings

You can also create and use google groups for the important announcements for the meetings. This is helpful for both the company and schools. Teachers can create an email list of the parents of their students and send notification or information about the upcoming parent teacher meetings, annual functions, and so on. It is a better way to inform parents about such meetings instead of writing then in the school diaries of students or sending them notices. All you have to do is post the announcement in the respective Google groups.

Google Groups

4. For sharing Assignments, projects

Again this application of Google Groups is beneficial for teachers, students and team members working on the same project. You can create Google Groups and add members to it so that you can easily share the study material, resources, assignment, projects etc. It is quite a convenient way for sharing the projects and assignment as it makes sure that the study material or anything is available to every student and you need to upload the projects or assignment only once and all the students will get it.

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5. Discussing A Project

No doubt that Google Groups are very beneficial for students and one of the applications of Google Groups for students is to discuss a particular project. Suppose, your teacher divides all the students into several teams and gives a topic for the project to each team. So, you can create Google Group for your team so that all the team members can discuss the project in that Google Group with ease. There can not be a better idea than Google Groups for discussing a project. Not only for students but if you are working somewhere you can do the same.

6.To Get The Answers or Solutions

Most of the Google Groups are created for this purpose. If you have some problems or doubts about any topic and finding the best solutions then you can find a Google Group of the particular area or field and get your questions answered. The great thing is that you can get the replies and solution from the expert as well through the Google Groups. In the open Google Groups, anyone can see the threads and send a message or ask a question without any restrictions.

Google Groups

7. To Create Private Group

You can create a private group by using Google Groups and discuss anything about any topic in the group. All the message, threads and data are only visible and accessible to the group members, no other person can find or enter in your private Google group and read the threads.



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