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Improve Your Writing Skill – The Art of Naming

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Scooby buy me an essay,” “Scooby-Doo writing” “cartoon papers” and other crazy variations are what people use to find our writing consulting company online. Looking back, it probably wasn’t the smartest move to name it what we did, which is exactly why we decided to write this article.

Naming is a complicated science as much as it is art. Names you choose for your characters in fiction or for your company in real life play a major role in how the plot or the business will develop. In fact, there are services that offer professional naming – if you are ready to shell out as much as $30,000 for a single name.

If you are working by yourself, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

Names of companies, websites, and other entities

The name you choose for a company, whether fictional or real, should reflect the values that such company relies on. It should be something that can be easily associated with the business that the company is doing – at least if you want people to remember the name. The biggest danger, however, is that you might not notice how words (if the name includes two or more) add up to form obscenities (especially in case of domain names). A solution is to ask a few other people to take a look and see if anything in the name you have selected makes them laugh or raise eyebrows.

company names

Names of characters

Working on the names of characters is a slightly more time-consuming task. The name will be used throughout your piece of writing, so it should be well thought-through.

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Start by defining the main qualities of your character. Is it loyalty? Intelligence? Sense of humor? There are names that originally meant all of those things, so you will be able to use one of them appropriately.

Then, check the era you are writing about. The name should fit in with the epoch, or it will contradict your narrative and distract the reader (not to mention that some names sound weird on their own).

Check if there are translations for the name into other languages. If so, are they appropriate? You might not be aiming as high as publishing your book, but just in case make sure the name you choose doesn’t make foreign readers laugh.

Read it aloud. Does it sound natural and smooth? Readers don’t have to strain to pronounce the name every time (unless you are George Martin and can afford to call people JaqenH’ghar). It’s incredibly irritating, not to mention that your readers might end up pronouncing it wrong. People even had problems pronouncing the name Hermione, so J.K. Rowling had to insert an explanation somewhere in the book.

Finally, does the name fit with the rest of the story and the scenery? Only gut will tell you this, there are no objective indices to measure it.

If your option checks all of the above – you’ve got yourself a perfect name. If not, keep looking – you’ll come up with something better sooner or later.



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