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G-Suite for Education: What Every Student Needs to Know?

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The programmes which are known collectively as ‘G-suit for education’ are the same programmes and apps which we are already accustomed to using in our everyday lives; Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar and so on. As part of the ‘G-suite for education’ they have additional features added on to make collaboration between teachers and students easier. The makers of the programme believed that learning would be enhanced by this greater collaboration.

G-suite for education’ is something which has existed for around ten years at this point, though with continual updates during that time. The specific apps and programmes which were chosen for this project were done so that everyone who has to interact with them will already be familiar with their use from using the internet anyway. These particular apps are also helpful because they are not entirely what we would call apps – they go beyond the traditional definition, and therefore can be used for multiple purposes. These multi-functional apps help to create the functionality that ‘G-suite for education’ is famous for.

G suite

Main Ways to use G-suite


Presentations are a difficult task for everybody involved, students and teachers alike. Creating content, formatting the slides appropriately, and making the presentation come to life…all of these are extremely important parts of the process. ‘G-suite for education’ can be used to make designing the presentations much easier, by removing a lot of the time investment. The collaborative portions of ‘G-suite for education’ also mean that communication between people working on the presentation is easier as well.


Google Docs is something which is available for everyone using ‘G-suite for education’ though parents and educators are sure to be relieved to note that smart search is included as a feature. Google Docs can use the explore feature in G-suite, which allows anybody using it – students and teachers alike – to search through all the documents on Google Docs, but also to search through online as well.

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Explore was added to ‘G-suite for education’ as a consequence of the makers realizing that it would help students (and most likely teachers) find the correct formulae for any spreadsheet they were working on.

Explore is a way of avoiding common mistakes, and therefore removing much of the work from spreadsheets. It works by allowing students and teachers to use natural language for when they are working in spreadsheets, with G-suite automatically converting it into computer language.

G-suite for Storytelling

Initial Storytelling

Google Docs can help with any storytelling which is done, because ‘G-suite for education’ combines a lot of different apps and programmes which can be used to bring people together. Google Docs, in particular, is useful for this because it is an essentially collaborative document, allowing multiple people to access it and make changes as they see fit. This creates a story which is not solely the preserve of one person, but many.


Research is something which a lot of people have problems with, so ‘G-suite for education’ has created ways of dealing with that. Not only does the programme have ways of doing the research in various ways – through the use of Explore, for example – it also has a way of helping to store all that information in ways which make it easy to find. Being able to keep track of all your research is important to the creative process.


Use ‘Explore’ for Technical Details

Explore is one of the newest tools in the ‘G-suite for education’ and it is one which has changed the way people use the entire programme. Explore was brought in because students and teachers both were finding formatting quite difficult in various ways. The new app allows them to streamline formatting and decrease the amount of time which people need to spend on it. In the context of storytelling, this means that students and teachers can pay more attention to telling the story rather than how it looks.

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Technology for Writing Papers

Get Started

Rather than have teachers make students start a new document every time they want to start a new essay, there are several things which the programme ‘G-suite for education’ allows you to do. You can either send a link to students which allows them to activate their own Google Docs when they click, or you can create a document by yourself, and allow students to access it.

Gather Ideas

Research is about more than just copying bits and pieces of work which you have found on the internet – it is also about putting your own spin on things, and using your mind to come up with connections between different pieces of research which otherwise might not be seen. The ‘G-suite for education’ programme encourages this, with the ability to search and find new ideas which can be used in works.

Keep Detailed Notes

‘G-suite for education’ has got several apps which allow for notes and research to be kept handy, which is helpful whether students are taking notes for themselves, or to use when ordering a paper at essaybasics.com. Both the number of apps which are available in the G-suite and the way in which it encourages collaboration are helpful for note-taking, since one set of notes can be written and used by everyone.

It is also easy to add notes from various sources – the collaborative nature of ‘G-suite for education’ means that so long as people are connected to the core of the programme, they can input information and research. There is even an app – Google Keep – which can specifically be downloaded to allow access to the various apps of the G-suite. This allows for greater collaboration between users.

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Split your Screen

Many people find it helpful to not need to switch between a page full of notes and research, and the page that they are currently working on. ‘G-suite for education’ lets people do that, with both teachers and students being able to have both windows open at once.

A split screen means less time is spent flipping back and forth between the necessary screens, meaning more time can be spent writing.

Wrapping it up

The programme ‘G-suite for education’ was created for two specific purposes. One was to bring a programme to life which would help both students and teachers since it involved programmes which people were already familiar with, on account of them being used in the wider world. Another was to encourage greater collaborationbetween all users. So, this article laid out several ways in which ‘G-suite for education’ would be useful for creative writing and for research, in terms of both personal and collaborative usage.



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