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How to Find CNC Manufacturers & Buyers World’s Largest CNC Database of ORDERFOX.com

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We cannot thank the internet enough for making our lives easier and more sophisticated. It has opened a new window of opportunities if not doors for almost everyone. It is now much easier for any business to have a global presence than ever.

If you are a CNC manufacture or buyer and looking to expand your portfolio or to update the list of buyers and suppliers then there is a good news for you. Fortunately, there is a specialized global database of CNC businesses that let the CNC manufacturers and buyers connect to one single portal. We know this service by the name ORDERFOX.COM

If you want to increase market presence and expands buying options then register your business at ORDERFOX.com for free and see your revenue figures multiply.


ORDERFOX.com acts as a digital CNC(computerized numerical control) marketplace to connect CNC manufacturers with CNC buyers. It has about 270,000 community members that make it one of the largest CNC database. You can find manufacturers and suppliers across all verticals both globally and locally. It does not matter which technology your business is based on, be it drilling, eroding, flat grinding, grinding, Laser, milling, miscellaneous, reaming, round grinding, sinking, turning or Ultrasound machining. ORDERFOX.com has got you covered.

With its interactive interface, you can find a number of local and global buyers and manufacturers as per your requirements with just a few clicks, that too for free. This ecosystem created by ORDERFOX.com combining manufacturers, buyers and suppliers not only increases the conversions and leads but also provides a hassle-free way to complete transactions.

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Orderfox online cnc

Okay, so it can open a gateway of opportunities for me, but how? I am glad you asked. Let us see how ORDERFOX.com can help you unleash global and local CNC marketplace.

To get started with, you need to first create a free account at ORDERFOX.com. It takes only a few minutes. Activate the account by clicking on the link sent to your email address. Now, login to your ORDERFOX.com account by entering the credentials. You will see a dashboard like the one shown below:

orderfox company profile

Company Profile

Create your company’s profile so that you can search for related jobs, companies and advertise jobs. It is really important to create a strong profile of your company at ORDERFOX.com because potential business partners who want to work with you will know about your capabilities by taking a glance at your company’s profile.

There are customizable input fields and drop down forms to quickly fill all the data. You can upload details like the number of employees, year established, geographical location, contact details, technologies you work on, the industry you serve, material type, certifications, etc.

company details

However, you would rather want to keep the details private then it’s privacy mode will help you stay anonymous and invisible.

Advertise CNC Jobs

If you are a CNC buyer and want to find reliable partners then advertise a job as per your requirements at the ORDERFOX.com portal and meet potential partners. You can find partners for both long-term and short-term jobs.

It also does tremendous help when you want the CNC parts manufactured in a short notice because plenty of manufacturers are ready to serve you on a short notice. Get offers from interested companies and select the best option for yourself. It makes it easier to get your job outsourced.

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Search For CNC Jobs

If you are a CNC manufacturer and looking for additional jobs when you have capacity then through ORDERFOX.com you can find the businesses that might need your service. The platform lets you continuously update and expand your network of suppliers.

By using the ORDERFOX.com online portal you also reduce the marketing and sales costs. With over 270,000 members, you will always have multiple jobs at hand. Utilize full capacity of your operations and increase revenue. Acquiring new customers was never so easy.

Filter Functions

While I was doing research about ORDERFOX.com, I found that although the users like the overall interface of ORDERFOX.com but most of them are typically in love with the filter functions offered by ORDERFOX.com.

You can filter your search based on distance, material, industry, technologies, quantity and workpiece size to customize the search results and find out just what you are looking for without wasting time. It is a real time saver.

It will show total jobs, search results based on your search parameters. You can even save these search results for later use.

“With the straightforward filter functions at ORDERFOX.com, we are able to find CNC jobs that suit us perfectly. ORDERFOX.com really is a tool that allows new business relations to be established between customers and suppliers.”

Stefano Giuliana, Manager, AGS Engineering Metalltechnik GmbH, Germany,

Other Features

The best thing about ORDERFOX.com is the fact that it operates globally and serves in more than 20 languages to provide a seamless experience to every user.


In case you get stuck anywhere, you can chat with their online support agent and get your query solved within a few minutes. Identify new market developments early and make more informed strategic business decisions.

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Wrap Up

ORDERFOX.com is the ideal destination for those who are looking for more work opportunities, looking for right business partners or want to outsource their work. By connecting people from different countries on one platform ORDERFOX.com is becoming the search engine for CNC businesses. Many businesses like Hagnleone GmbH are enjoying 100% digital tendering via ORDERFOX.com. Maybe it is the time you get your business listed at this biggest CNC portal and start enjoying its benefits.



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