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Faxzero Review: Online Fax service pros and cons

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Though the technology has gone so far and there have come many services to share documents or anything with others but Fax is still in use in many areas. Most of the companies and official places have their own fax machines to send documents via fax. Well, there are many reasons behind this like this is a secure way to send official documents as whenever you send some document via Fax then you also get the confirmation receipt when that Fax is successfully delivered but in the case of Emails you don’t get any receipt unless the recipient sends a confirmation or acknowledgement.

Also, the faxes are sent through the phone lines thus if there is your digital signature or anything like that then it will not be stored. So, there are many such reasons due to which people still prefer to use fax.

Well, it requires having a fax machine in order to send documents via Fax. But what if you don’t have fax machine and you need to fax something? Is it possible to Fax without fax machines? May be the internet has got a solution?


I would say yes. Yup, there is one way which will help you to send free Fax without a Fax machine. Faxzero is an online fax service which helps you to fax documents without fax machines. Sounds amazing, right? So, it is a great way to send fax if you don’t own a fax machine and what is more wonderful is that it is totally free. Means, you can fax document using Faxzero without spending any money. Most of the other online fax services are paid. So, let’s have a look at the review of Faxzero to get to know more about this amazing service.

Faxzero Review

Faxzero is the one of the best, lightweight and convenient option to send a fax if you don’t have a fax machine. It provides you decent features to send the fax without any hassle. There are many exciting features of Faxzero which you would really appreciate. Let’s explore them.

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Faxzero sports a very clean and decent interface so that the users find no difficulty while sending the fax through it. It is clutter free and a professional looking website with a theme of blue, green and white color combination. There are no third party ads over there and no unnecessary links. Only the main content is present. In fact, it is a one-page website so, you don’t have to wander here and there on the website. The form is given on the home page to fill the about the fax you want to send. You only land on the website and start filling the details. So, the interface of Faxzero is simple and straight.

Send Free Fax

Well, this is what Faxzero is popular for. Faxzero offers you a very convenient and easy way to send free fax electronically. It offers you to send maximum 3 pages plus the cover page in a fax. So, you can’t send more than 3 pages of documents in your fax, also it will include its own cover page before all the three pages and when the fax is received the first page would be the cover page of Faxzero.

But, the fax doesn’t send immediately instead you will have to wait for the confirmation email over your email address and only after confirmation process, it will be sent. The worst part is that it can take long time to get the confirmation code. So, yes, a drawback there.

Multi Format Support

Well, this is plus point of Faxzero. It supports multiple file formats. You can send PDF, Microsoft word documents, excel spreadsheet, TIFF, HTML, GIF, and PPT. So, there are sufficient file formats support available on Faxzero.

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Money Back

Faxzero doesn’t provide free international faxing. Free fax option is available for domestic fax only. You need to pay if you want to send an international fax and if somehow the fax doesn’t send successfully due to several reasons like if you do not enter the correct fax noumber then it will give your money back but will deduct 10% of your funds. So, it is advisory to carefully enter the fax no. to avoid any mishappening.

Status Page

When you send a fax then after confirming it through the email Faxzero will send you a link through which you can track or check the progress of the fax. This way it would keep you updated about your fax and you can also use as a receipt when your fax is sent successfully or got failed.


Setup Faxzero is extremely easy. In fact, there is nothing to setup as you don’t require to install anything on your system. Simply go to the Faxzero website(https://faxzero.com/), fill the sender’s details and the details of the receiver, upload the documents, enter your text message and then hit the send button. That’s all you need to do. After that, you will receive a confirmation email, so confirm your fax through that and the fax will be sent. You can also check the progress of your fax through the link Faxzero will send you after the confirmation.



Faxzero offers 5 faxes a day for free and you can upload 3 documents per fax. Also, there would be Faxzero’s logo over your documents and a cover page of them. But if you send fax frequently then you can purchase the premium plan of Faxzero which will cost you $1.99/fax in which offers you to add 25 pages and adding cover page is optional in the premium version. So, it depends on your needs which service you would require.

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Also, there is no free international faxing. You have to pay if you want to fax internationally and it depends on the country how much it will cost to send fax there. Faxzero only offers free faxing service across Canada and the USA.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • 5 free fax a day across USA and Canada.
  • Money back guarantee for the failed fax.
  • Premium service available for through who needs to send more than 5 fax a day.
  • A wide variety of file formats supported.
  • Good quality of received fax.
  • The status page for tracking the progress of a fax.
  • Low cost international faxing.


  • Only 3 documents per fax in the free version.
  • You can send only 5 faxes a day and if want to send more than 5 then you would require getting premium account which costs $1.99/fax.
  • It doesn’t send fax instantly and you have to wait for the confirmation email which may take a long time.
  • You can’t receive faxes via Faxzero, it only enables you to send a fax.
  • Includes cover page in free fax.

Final Words

Faxzero is a fine tool is you need to fax something urgently. The free service is good for those who rarely send fax and for those you frequently need to send fax then the premium plan is also available. Though it lacks in some things, overall it is a good low-cost electronic fax service available over the internet.



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