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Exodus Kodi? How To Install Exodus On Kodi Step By Step

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Exodus Kodi? How To Install Exodus On Kodi Step By Step

Kodi is an incredible application that you can download and install on your system. It has become the favorite spot for millions of people to watch videos, listen to songs, movies and so on. It is basically an open source media player where you can play and watch the most viewed media streaming online. The software is available for every device. You can get it for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc. Kodi was specially created for Xbox first as Xbox Media Centre (XBMC). The great thing is that it is totally free and legal to download and use.

Exodus Kodi

You can add dozens of plugins in Kodi to watch the online movies, TV shows etc. But when it comes to streaming online videos, movies, tv series etc. then nothing can beat Exodus.

But What is Exodus? Well, here is the answer for you.

What Is Exodus?

Exodus is a Kodi add-on that you can install and activate free of cost. Exodus provides access to the most popular movies, TV shows, videos, on Kodi. You can watch hundreds of movie on Kodi with the help of Exodus. It has become quite popular among the people as it provides such a vast library of online streaming movies and TV shows.

But the main problem occurs in installing Exodus on Kodi. It not like you search an add-on and install it by clicking on the install button as we all do for adding add-ons to your browser but it is a totally different process to install Exodus Kodi. Here is the complete working method to install Exodus Kodi.

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But before you go any further, let me tell you that you should use a VPN before installing and using Exodus on Kodi as it may contain some videos from the pirated sites so it is always wise to be on the safe side.

How To install Exodus on Kodi Step by Step

Well, installing Exodus Kodi is quite a long and tedious process. But once you have done installing Exodus Kodithen the hard work really pays off as you get to watch online movies, TV shows, Videos and so on. Though it’s a long process, it’s quite straight-forward. There are no complicated steps in it. So, let’s get started.

1. First of all, you should have Kodi installed on your system. if you do not have it then you can go to the website of Kodi and then install it according to your operating system and device. After installing Kodi on your system, launch it and then click on the settings icon available at the left sidebar.

Exodus Kodi

2. After that simply select System Settings from the given options as shown in the image below.

Kodi Exodus

3. It will redirect you to another page where you need to select Add-ons option from the left sidebar and then click Unknown Sources.

How to install exodus kodi

4. A warning dialogue-box will show up and you only have to click the Yes button.

Exodus Kodi

5. Go back to the settings by pressing ESC key on your keyboard and this time, you have to select File Manager to proceed.

Exodus Kodi

6. In the file manager page, you will get many options to choose from, but you have to select the Add Sourceoption to Install Exodus Kodi.

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Kodi exodus

7. Click on None to open another pop-up window.

Exodus Kodi

8. Now you have to be very careful in this step. When the new pop-up window comes up, simply type http://repo.ares-project.com/magic in the textbox. Make sure that you enter the correct spelling as you can’t copy and paste the link and you have to type it manually. If you enter it wrong then the Exodus on Kodi will not be installed successfully.

Exodus Kodi

9. After that, you also have to change the name of the media source to .ares and click OK.

install exodus kodi

10. Now come back to the home page Kodi application by pressing ESC again-n-again until you reach the home screen. Here, simply select and click Add-ons option.

Exodus Kodi

11. Select the Box type icon as shown in the image below.

Exodus Kodi

12. After that, you have to select Install From Zip option as you can see in the given image.

Exodus Kodi

13. It will again redirect you to another window. On the new window, select .ares and hit enter.

kodi exodus

14. Now simply select repository.aresproject folder and proceed to the next step.

Exodus Kodi

15. Now at the newly opened window click on Install from repository.

Exodus Kodi

16. We have come quite close to the completion of installing process of Exodus Kodi. The only thing you have to do here is to double-click Ares project.

Exodus Kodi

17. It will show up more options and this time, select Program Add-ons option.

Exodus Kodi

18. You will see a whole homepage of Ares Wizard and now click the install button given at the bottom.

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Exodus Kodi

19. It will provide several options at the top bar menu to choose from. As we need to install Exodus Kodi, so click on the Browse Add-ons option to browse the Exudos Add-on.

Exodus Kodi

20. Now select Video Add-ons from the type of the add-ons given.

Exodus Kodi

21. Well, now you can see the Exodus option in the list of the given video Add-ons. Select Exodus and then click the Install button to start installing Exodus on Kodi.

Exodus Kodi

22. The Exodus will start installing on Kodi and it will take several minutes to complete the installation. After the successful installation of Exodus on Kodi, it will notify about the same.

Exodus Kodi

23. Now, you can come back to the home screen of Kodi application by pressing the Esc key and you will find Exodus Addon in the Video Add-ons panel in the main content area. Do anything on Exodus Kodi you want.

Exodus Kodi

24. Click on the Exodus Addon and you will land on a new screen where you can select anything to watch.

Exodus Kodi

So, this was how you can install Exodus Kodi on your system. It is a pretty easy process to understand and follow. But if you find any difficulty in any of the above steps then feel free to ask via comment box. Hope you liked the article. Thank you. 🙂



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