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EaseUS Todo Backup Home 11.0 Review

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Data loss is something we can’t help. We can lose our data due to several reasons like system crash, human error, virus attack, accidental deletion etc and its unpredictable. You will never know when your system gets attacked by a virus and you lose your precious data.

But you can prevent your files from actually getting damaged. Yes, you can create the back up of your files or the whole system, and whenever you face the data loss, you can restore the files from the backup. This way you will never actually lose your data.

For the same, you need to have a data backup software and fortunately, I tried a data backup software recently, And I find it highly efficient. EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a data backup and restores software which helps you to create the backups and restore them when needed.

All-around Files and System Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Home has made it pretty easy to keep your files and the whole system protected by creating and keeping their backup so that you can restore them whenever needed. It offers all-round files and system backup.

Complete Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Home takes care of your needs and requirements, hence enables you to backup the whole PC or you can just select the desired files for the backup. Backing up the entire hard drive is quite simple. The software supports an easier and straightforward way to backup the files. It only takes the few steps to back up the files.

System Backup

Now you can also backup your whole operating system so that your system keeps running without a breakdown. System backup feature of EaseUS Todo Backup Home is quite helpful and the much-needed feature in a backup software.

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File BackUp

The file backup feature helps you to create a backup all your documents, photos, videos, music, audio files, network shared files and other files and folders.

Disk/Partition BackUp

Easily replace or upgrade the disk without any hassle as EaseUS Todo Backup Home lets you to backup the whole disk or the partition. It makes SSD and the HDD backup easier than ever.

Outlook Email Backup

If you want to secure all your messages and the emails in your inbox so that if anything like data loss or damage happens, you can easily get all your emails back then backup the whole outlook with ease using this data backup software.

Cloud BackUp

Not only the system, files and email backup but EaseUS Todo Backup Home also supports cloud backup. It allows you to back up to the popular cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox efficiently.

Easily Make Hard Drive Clone

Want to clone your hard drive to install it in your new computer? Well, no worries. With the help of  EaseUS Todo Backup Home, you can easily make a hard drive clone. It provides several cloning methods which are as follows.

Disk Clone/Hard Drive Clone

If you want to upgrade your small hard drive and want to move all your data to a new larger one without the need of any software installations, then clone your hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup Home. It lets you clone MBR disk to GPT disk, HDD to SSD,  or GPT disk to MBR disk etc.

System Clone

Not only the hard drive cloning but this data backup software also supports the system cloning. Easily migrate the operating system to any HDD or SSD or you can also transfer the OS from one SDD to the other. It lets you clone the whole Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP system with ease.

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Partition Clone

It is must to keep the data of all your files and folders in case of data loss. Fortunately, with the help of this tool you can clone the whole partition or the volume with all its content.

Quick Complete System Restore

The software lets you restore your backup anytime and ensures the integrity of your data. You can easily restore the partitions, disks, Outlook emails, files etc. within a very short time. Recover the system image of one computer to other with dissimilar hardware.

Fast Processing

The best thing about this data backup creating software is that it is fast. You can quickly create the backup of your system, files, partitions etc., within a short time in comparison to the other data backup software according to our test.

Pros Of EaseUS Todo Backup Home

  • Easy to use.
  • Modern and user-friendly interface.
  • Quick data backup and restore.
  • Lets you to split a backup into several sizes for the convenience.
  • Allows you to schedule the data backup.
  • Offers several data backup modes including file backup, system backup, cloud backup, Outlook emails back and so on.
  • Restore the individual files while backing up the whole disk or partition.
  • Clone the HDD to other drives without the need of creating disk images first.
  • Search and find the failed backups in the log.
  • Compatible with all the new versions of Windows.
  • Free trial available.

Cons Of EaseUS Todo Backup Home

  • None


  • Free trial.
  • Full version – $29

What’s New in Version 11.0?

  • Brand new and more instructive user interface.
  • Improve image compression and speed up data backup & recovery increasingly.
  • Optimized Outlook recovery feature.
  • Faster backups over your home or office network.
  • Other improvements on overall performance.

Wrap Up

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a great software for the home space. It is a feature-rich software that offers various backup modes. You can backup your system, whole PC, files, emails etc. and restore the backup with ease. The feature of this software which lets you to backup to the cloud like Google Drive, One Drive etc. is also pretty helpful. The fast processing is another plus point of this software. You also try the software with its trial version before purchasing it. But the software is affordable and worth the money. So, try it for yourself and protect your data.



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