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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows Free – Review

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows Free – Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery program that utilizes a Wizard (software) user interface to guide users through the data recovery process. There are free and paid versions of the software on both Windows Os and macOS

The software scans disks in two different ways, run in succession, to look for lost data: first based on the file directory and the second based on the storage content.

The first method scans the file directory and recovers simply deleted or Recycle Bin emptied data, where the file record and associated data content are still intact.

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The second method searches sector-by-sector through the storage content to recreate files from the data field.

To ensure that your lost data can be retrieved, EaseUS has built a robust data recovery software that can help you in recovering all your valuable data. Let’s have a look at what this software can offer, and whether it is worth downloading or not!

There’s no parallel to the pain felt by someone who has lost valuable data. Whatever it might be, such as important college projects, work assignments, or sensitive financial data, once lost it is difficult to build everything from scratch again. And despite our best efforts and utmost care, we end up losing data to due a variety of reasons ranging from power failure to viruses.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Software gets a thumbs up from our end. It is a very effective tool for recovering precious data, and one of the best things is that it is a free data recovery software.

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The EaseUS Data Recovery software can retrieve a wide variety of data, and that too from different scenarios. It can recover audio, videos, documents that have been accidentally deleted, lost due to bad partition, or been affected by viruses. Let’s have a look at the data loss scenarios on which this tool works effectively –

  1. Accidental Deletion – How many times have we experienced data that’s lost due to accidental deletion? Maybe umpteen number of times! This is the most common form of data loss, and we have no one but ourselves to blame. But thanks to EaseUS Data Recovery tool, we can stop blaming ourselves.
  2. Disk Formatting– When you format a hard disk or a portable drive in order to clean it or make more space, the data gets erased. However, some of the data is still present on the disk, and is deleted only from the address table. Hence, it can be recovered. EaseUS Data Recovery can help you with the same.
  3. Emptying Recycle Bin – Pressing the delete button merely puts the file in the recycle bin. If you want to permanently delete it, you empty the recycle bin. But is the permanent deletion really permanent? Well, EaseUS Data Recovery software will make you think otherwise!
  4. Lost Partition– One of the most panic inducing situations is loss of partition. Imagine an entire partition of your hard disk going missing! What do you do then? Well, you download the EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software and trust it to do the rest. Files that were present on the lost partition can also be recovered!
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There are tons of other scenarios in which this software works its magic.


Step 1

Start by installing the EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software, and choose the location from where you want to recover your lost data. It may be a drive, or a particular folder. You can even connect an external hard disk or a pen drive and choose them.


Step 2

Press the Scan button, and wait for the software to complete an initial scan. After this quick scan, it will show you a list of files and folders that were deleted either permanently, or from the recycle bin.


After the initial scan, the software will start performing a Deep Scan. This will perform a thorough scanning of your folders and may take up a much longer time.

You will notice that the list of files or folders recovered will have special markings. Here’s what it means –

  1. RAWFiles: Files that are retrieved by means of RAW recovery will automatically be renamed according to a new nomenclature. You will have to check them and rename them according to the desired names.
  2. Special Lost Files: The most common file types will be put under this header. These files include PDFs, audios, videos, documents etc.
  3. Deleted Files / Folders: Files and Folders that you have deleted from the recycle bin will be tagged separately, and will be marked in red. There will be a small folder icon with the alphabet ‘D’ marked in the colour red for your reference.

Step 3

After you get a list of deleted files and folders, you can perform recovery. Press the ‘Recover’ button after you have previewed the files and filtered them according to their type as mentioned above (RAW, special lost files). Leave the data recovery software to do the rest for you.

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Just as a word of caution, DO NOT recover the lost data back to the same folder where you lost it from. Save it at another destination.



The EaseUS Data Recovery Software gets a thumbs up from our end. It is a very effective tool for recovering precious data, and one of the best things is that it is a free data recovery software. There’s a paid version too, and it’s pretty economical at $89.95 for professionals, and $299 for technicians.

The price seems like a nominal charge to pay for data that means so much to users. Its simple tree type layout allows even beginner users to explore data and choose whatever they want to recover. On top of that, if you are facing any difficulties, you have free access to Customer Support.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. For the latest tech,social media news and reviews, follow firebebble.com on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram




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