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Best Data Transfer Apps for All Smart Phones

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Best Data Transfer Apps for All Smart Phones

Data transmission is the transfer of data over a point-to-point or point-to-multi point communication channel. Examples of such channels are copper wires, optical fibers, wireless communication channels, storage media and computer buses. The data are represented as an electromagnetic signal, such as an electrical voltage, radiowave, microwave, or infrared signal

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Getting a new phone is one of the best times of the year. One drawback is getting those contacts, bookmarks and calendar events transferred over without losing all your data. You can go into a store and they will usually charge you a nominal fee. However, most consumers could do this at home with the apps below.

Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung have developed their own software to help their customers keep their data. Samsung Smart Switch is a dedicated Samsung app designed to transfer Samsung Galaxy data from one phone to another.

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For more information click here – http://www.samsung.com/us/support/smart-switch-support/#!/

You can transfer from a Samsung device to an iPhone over iCloud or WIFI. Transferring from Samsung to Samsung is manage over WIFI. Using this software you can transfer videos, music, pictures, messages, your calendar and contacts.

Xperia Transfer Mobile

This software is dedicated to Sony Xperia. It’s a simple and works from most phones and simply switches all your important information from your current smartphone to your new Sony Xperia. You can transfer all your important documents including contacts, texts , notes, videos and music. There is no limit to the phones and devices you can transfer to and the following link helps you manage the process seamlessly.

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LG Backup

LG Backup is the dedicated LG data transfer service. Quick and simple to use and works with most devices. You can switch from LG or to LG using this software. It will help switch your contacts, emails, games, music and notes simply. Download the app here and use the LG Backup app to keep hold of your data.

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Motorola Migrate

Switch to and from Motorola is simple with their dedicated switching app.  The app takes care of all your important data including contacts, texts, music and videos etc. if you are switching to an older device that’s not a smartphone you can still use this app but only transfer names and contacts. Click here to use the app.

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HTC Transfer Tool

HTC have their own dedicated to app to switch to HTC. Its ok but doesn’t switch from HTC to other devices very well. When working properly it can transfer all the data you need. Click here to use the HTC Transfer Tool


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SHAREit is an impartial app that transfer from any phone, laptop, pc or tablet. Instead of using a USB or WIFI you download both the app on both devices and share any of the files you want to transfer. It’s a great app and works better than most dedicated apps. To use this service, click here

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The advice above was supplied by www.metrofone.co.uk, a premier UK mobile phone retailer.

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