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Can Help Differently Abled People 10 Gadgets

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While the world is busy in their busy and hectic schedule, tech scientists are trying to provide differently abled people a better life. Technology has become so advanced today that there are a wide range of accessible tech products and services available to help disabled people so that they can live their life easily and efficiently without depending on others.If you know someone, maybe your friends or relative who needs such help, then you can help them through these tech gadgets and make their lives easier. Here are few tech gadgets for people with disabilities so that they could lead a fuller life. Have a look.

10 Gadgets that can help differently abled people

1. Assisted Vision Smart Glasses

Eyes are the major sense organ that one can think about. Think about blind people how they manage to live without their eyes. The tech gadget Assisted Vision Smart Glasses is a pair of glasses that gives a little sight so that the blind people can walk around unfamiliar places, can recognize obstacles. This gadget gives a great independence, consists of two small cameras, gyroscope, compass, GPS unit, headphone and transparent OLED displays.as

With this, visually impaired people would be able to distinguish between light and dark. The glasses will make anything a little brighter when comes near so that they can discern people and obstacles.

2. Braille ebook reader

Well, everyone knows how important Internet can become and of course e-books and e-documents. So, how can blind people benefit from the internet? How can they use the internet efficiently? The amazing Braille e-reader, a Kindle style e-reader, makes blind and partially sighted people to read easily. Its alphabets enable them to read by tracing lines of raised bumps with the help of their fingers. It also helps in understanding graphics, figures and even graphs.ki

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3. Sesame Phone

No doubt mobile phone plays a very important role and has become common for everyone including the people with disabilities. Regular phones are not equipped with features needed for people with disabilities so it is difficult for them to operate.ph

Sesame phone is touch free smartphone especially designed for people with disabilities that captures small head movements, tracked by its front facing camera. All the gestures are recognized by fingers, to swipe, play and browse. Voice control is also provided in the smartphone to provide a hands-free experience.

4. UNI

UNI provides a two-way communication for the deaf people using speech and gesture technology. The gadget detects the hands and figure gesture with its camera algorithms, then converts into text and provides the meaning of sign language. UNI uses a specialized camera to track your finger movement with incredible speed.uni

5. Dot

Dot is a wearable smartwatch that works for blind people and helps them to access tweets, messages anytime and anywhere right from their smartphones. The device can connect with any smartphone via Bluetooth and translate the text on its screen. The smartphone features alarm, notifications, touch sensor, Bluetooth 4.1 and Gyroscope.dd

6. Liftware

Liftware is a self stabilizing handle on which you can attach any eating utensil and it will work as a fork or spoon. The device is helpful for mentally disabled people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease or other type of disorder which causes hand tremors. Liftware helps in reducing the spilling of content before it reaches to patient’s mouth. Liftware includes stabilizing handle, charger, utensils, fork, soup spoon and spoon that can be washed like normal utensils.lift

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7. HeadMouse Extreme

HeadMouse Extreme replaces the standard keyboard for the people who can’t make use of or have limited use of their hands. It translates the head movements into proportional mouse pointer movements and performs the respective operation. It works with Mac, Windows, Chrome, Android, Linux operating system.    head

8. Skinniest Disability Scooter

The Skinniest Disability Scooter works the same way like other scooter does in public road but it gives an easy way for disabled people who can’t travel or walk by their own. It is four-wheeler scooter and full lightning system with lockable but removable doors.       sc

9. Tactile Wand Electronic Stick

This electronic stick helps visually impaired people to determine the object that comes in their way. Tactile Wand Electronic Stick detects the object in front of the user and vibrates with the increasing intensity as soon as you get closer to it.    ct

10. Finger Reader

Finger Reader is a wearable tool that helps in reading. The device helps visually impaired people to read any printed book or anything on any electronic device. Finger Reader includes a small camera that scans the text and provides real-time audio feedback of the detected words.rd

These were some amazing gadgets for the differently abled people. If you know some more then let us know via comments. Also, please share this post in your social media channels to let others know and benefit from this information.



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