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5 E-Commerce Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

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E-Commerce is a booming industry that has changed the way people buy and sell products. According to SupplyGem’s E-Commerce experts, for some businesses, more than 50% of their sales are from their online stores. This proves that E-Commerce will continue to grow and may become the mainstream method of buying in the future.

The only big problem faced by business owners is dealing with competition. Because everyone wants a piece of the sales pie, they’re all keen on trying different trends to boost sales.

From AI chatbots to augmented reality apps, many high-tech solutions are emerging. However, many of these aren’t yet widely accessible. Small businesses, in particular, find it hard to afford the costly upgrades.

In this article, you’ll learn about E-Commerce trends that any business can try right away without the costly investment. If you are looking to improve your business’ E-Commerce, then you shouldn’t miss out on these trends.

E-Commerce Trends You Should Try Right Away

Mobile Shopping

The preference for using of mobile apps over E-Commerce websites is increasing. This is because mobile devices are more accessible and mobile apps are easier to use. Mobile shopping is also favored by those who are always on-the-go.

To cater to mobile shoppers, you need to optimize your E-Commerce website for mobile. To optimize, you can either build a dedicated mobile platform or tweak your existing website. In tweaking, you simply adjust your website’s responsiveness to varying screen resolutions.

At most, you might only need to tweak your website. This will improve your website’s shopping experience for both mobile and desktop users. But if your website is too complex, tweaking may not be enough.

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You might need to create a dedicated mobile platform if your website has too many data that can’t be cut down. In optimizing for mobile, always go for the option that gives the best shopping experience.

Native Shopping on Social Media Sites

The term “native” shopping refers to the buying of products from different sites without leaving one site. Examples of this are Instagram and Pinterest. These sites can allow users to view and buy items that they see in browsed images.

For example, if your business posts pins of your product items, you can convert those pins into buyable pins. You just need to apply for Pinterest’s approval to use buyable pins. Your online store should also be on a supported platform like Shopify to make it work.

Voice Search

The use of voice-activated devices is increasing. Many shoppers, particularly millennial consumers, prefer to buy items they can search by voice. This is because voice searching is faster than type-searching.

With voice search, buyers can search for the items without the need to type and tap buttons on their devices. People are busier with work and daily life, so they’re starting to recognize the convenience of voice search.

Amazon Echo is a leader in this trend. Amazon customers can conveniently search for any item in Amazon.com in less time. This also shortens the time frame between item search and item purchase.

The top supermarkets and department stores are adapting to this trend. For example, Walmart partnered with Google Express to allow customers to place orders by voice and pick up the items later.

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This works great if your business targets local consumers. It’s also better if your items are widely available in all your stores.

Image Search

Another trend that you may want to join in is shopping by image search. With image search, consumers can find items that are similar to those that they take pictures of. For example, if someone takes a picture of a pair of shoes they like, they can upload the image and search for similar items.

An example of this trend is eBay’s image search feature. Customers can upload images of their target items so they can find deals on items that look similar. Pinterest also has a similar function where you can search for objects that are like those found in the pins.

One-Click Purchase

More stores now offer one-click checkout options. This eliminates the need to stack items in “shopping carts” before buyers can check out. For those who have less time to go through multi-step checkouts, one-click purchases are more favorable.

Given the changes in buying behavior, these trends will become even more popular. Someday, these will become mainstream and standard for all E-Commerce businesses. If you want to secure your business’ future, you should start adapting to these trends today.



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