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10 Best Free VPN Services To Guard Your Privacy

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Though the internet has made our lives easier, it has also raised the various cyber threats like hacking, identity theft, malware, spyware, etc. The use of the internet is hiking rapidly day-by-day but it has also become quite important to protect your online identity. Well, there is no one safe on the internet as there are hackers, third-party websites, ISP etc, who track all your internet activity and can also steal it. So, it has become essential to protect yourself in the online world.

But how can you protect your self online? How can you guard your online privacy?

The simple answer is VPN services.

Free VPN

Yes, VPN is the best solution for the said problem. A VPN helps you to browse the internet anonymously. Means, it hides you online information just by masking your IP address and making you untraceable across the internet. Although, most of the VPN Services are paid but you can still get a quality free VPN Service.

There are many VPNs which are free to use. So, if you do not want to spend money and still need to secure your online privacy then these free VPNs are here for you.

Best Free VPN Services

Here are the 10 best free VPN services to guard your privacy. These VPN provides you security and hide your personal information online, thus prevent you from the cyber theft. Let’s have a look at the free VPN services.

1. Psiphon

Psiphon is the topmost free VPN of our list of 10 best free VPNs. It is an incredible service which is available for Windows and Android devices. Means, you can use this VPN in your Android smartphone too to browse the internet with complete anonymity and for the PC as well in order to keep your online profile private. It helps you to surf securely when you use free public WiFi as utilizes VPN, SSH, and HTTP technologies.

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best Free VPN

It is also helpful to explore the content which is banned or restricted in your country. You can now visit, open and use any website which you couldn’t use in the absence of this VPN service.

2. TunnelBear

The next one of the best free VPN services is TunnelBear. It is a nice tool which you can activate on your PC or even on your smartphone free of cost. This free VPN hides your original IP address and provides a new IP to your device according to the country you choose and after activating it whenever you surf then it will reflect the new IP as your device’s IP address and the country you chose as your location. This way no one can ever detect your real IP and Location thus guarding your online privacy. Many people use free VPN services to visit the torrent websites.

Well, it provides 500 MB of free data every month and you can score 1 more free data if you tweet the VPN on your Twitter account. But if this much data is not enough for you then you can upgrade your plan to the paid one.

3. BetterNet

Here comes another free VPN service that you can opt for to conceal your online identity. BetterNet is an amazing free VPN and you do not have to pay a single penny for protecting yourself from the malicious attacks, govt. agencies, ISP and so on.

Browse internet freely without worrying about your personal information as no one can trace even a single thing about your online information if you are using BetterNet VPN. Also, there is no data limit, you can browse as much as you want. This free VPN is fast and easy to use.

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best Free VPN

4. Hide.me

Hide.me is a free VPN service from Malaysia. It is an incredible VPN service which provides strong encryption to provide you online privacy. There are 28 servers from 22 countries available and you can use any one of according to your choice. It does not decrease your internet speed.

Well, this free VPN is monthly data capped and offers up to 2 GB of the free data each month.

5. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is easy to use software which you get absolutely free of cost. Hotspot shield is a very popular VPN service. This free VPN service lets you bypass all the internet censorship content and browse anonymously on the internet to access the restricted content. It secures your online privacy from hackers via HTTPs encryption.

It offers two plans, one is basic which is free but you will get the ads on your screen when the VPN is activated. If you do not want to see the popup ads then you can upgrade to the Elite version.

Free VPN services

6. SurfEasy

You can also use the free plans SurfEasy Canadian VPN service. It is quite trusted VPN and the connection speed is solid. The servers of this free VPN are spread across the globe and you can switch to any server anytime as per your choice. It is reliable and provides a strong online security. Just like TunnelBear VPN, it also offers up to 500 MB free data transfer each month and if you wish then you can increase the free data by referring it to your friends or family.

7. proXPN

proXPN free VPN service lets you surf the internet anonymously and hide your online privacy. It prevents the Govt. agencies, internet service providers, college or any other third party applications to track your online activity and also access the restricted content. You get the access to 8 countries in the free version and there is data limit also. But if you want to access more than the provided 8 countries then you get the pro version which offers you 40+ countries to choose from and no limit of data. Also, you can use one account on only one device.

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Free VPN

8. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is an amazing free VPN available. It safeguards your online privacy also speeds up your internet connection. There is no limit on the bandwidth too. You also get free iOS and Android apps with the user-friendly interface. There are enough server locations available in the free version but the encryption is same as the premium one.

9. Windscribe Free

Windscribe is little different from the other free VPN services mentioned in this list. It provides you the online privacy just like the other VPNs but along with that it also works as an adblocker and protects you from the advertisers and the marketers. You can download the software or simply install its browser extension on your browser to activate/deactivate quickly just from the browser toolbar.

Free VPN

10. Spotflux Lite

Spotflux is the last free VPN on this list of top 10 best free VPN Services to guard your privacy. This is also a good VPN which provides you browsers add-ons for most of the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. There is no bandwidth limit and the speed is great. You will also not have to deal with the pop-up ads in this VPN.



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